Start saving your box tops!!

Just a reminder to keep scanning your receipts to the Box Tops for Education app so that we can earn cash for our school! It’s so much easier than clipping! 

Last year we earned $328.10 for our school – Let’s see if we can beat that this year!

If you need a refresher (or initial tutorial) on how to scan your receipts into the Box Tops for Education app, please take a quick look at the two minute video link below.

And if you frequently order groceries online (for Walmart or Target pickup for example), all you have to do is forward your online receipts to and they’ll quickly reply with your earnings.  (If you do it once, your email service should save the address so you don’t have to remember the whole thing everytime.)  EASY!

If you’ve found any physical Box Tops that don’t expire until March 2020 or later, please feel free to email Ellie Martin at and she will happily come get them from you.  You’re welcome to write her with any questions you have as well.

To learn more, visit and thanks for choosing to make a difference for White Eagle with Box Tops!