November Minutes PTA 11.7.2017


  1. September Minutes Reviewed.
    1. No Comments
    2. Approved by Daneen
  2. Power PTC – Sign up for PTC
    1. 75% through for conference sign up
    2. System issues
      1. Closes on 11.7.2017 5pm
      2. Teachers will reaching out with any available spots
    3. IPF Run
      1. Congrats for a freat partnership with PTA
    4. Security System (Mr. K)
      1. Training for Mr. K upcoming week
      2. Initiative to keep kids safe
      3. ALIS
    5. IPTC Representative for WEE (Sedan) Updates
      1. Engage 204
        1. Program for Indian Prairie Program
        2. Email was sent out to see in any interest to attend meeting
  • Still Middle School – 7-9om on 11/14/2017
  1. Opportunity is there to discuss in small groups to present to the board
  1. Reflections
    1. Need volunteers on November 8th
    2. Judging is happening on a District Level
      1. Details on how to volunteer can be found on website
    3. Monthly Volunteer of the Month – Winner gets $1,000 gift!
  2. Fundraising Chari – Julie Mansfield & Naomi
    1. Big Congrats – Level of participation this year was outstanding
  3. Coat Drive
    1. District 204 Exceeded expectations in the number of coats received (Nita B & Rita B
  4. IPF Spirit Squad
    1. Great Turnout. WE Won!
    2. Received $750 for school
    3. Parent Runners included Naomi and Poornima
    4. Staff was all extremely involved
  5. Membership (Brenda)
    1. 250 out of 400 families donated. 60%
    2. 50 out of 84 teachers donated.
    3. Need to reveiew how to get teachers more involved
  6. PDAC
    1. No representative present in meeting
    2. Looking to make WEE more inclusive
      1. Kids/World Café for kids in White Eagle
        1. 1st event that will involve children and open to everyone
        2. Feb 1st – Thursday afterschool
        3. Snack will be provided
        4. Discussions include: Traditions in family and is known to be a safe environment to discuss differences
        5. Get parents engaged from different backgrounds
      2. “Book Club”
        1. District Level is recommending a book “Tanahaesi Coates” to students to have discussion with their parents
      3. Treasurer Report
        1. WE Give Back Fundraiser - Naomi
          1. Changes to timing – paried up with Fall Fundraising. Combo of both
          2. Great response from Parents and Kids
  • Assemblies and Lunch Time Events were all positive
  1. RAISED $25,394.95!!!! Exceeded Goal of $20k.
    1. Used for 5th grad Field Trip, classroom periodicals, teacher funding
    2. Excess funds need to be allocated.
    3. Accepting suggestions
      1. Field Day equipment
    4. Carnival – Julie Mansfield....