White Eagle PTA Meeting MInutes 1/25/18

  1.          Call to Order- Joni @ 6:33pm
  2.         Approve November 7th Meeting Minutes- approved Kelly Talaga 1st motion & Julie Mansfield 2nd motion.

III.    Reports

  1. Principal’s Report- SIP Training with ALICE training. Will go back to Power PTC in the spring, but conferences coming up will be on request basis only. Julie Mansfield asked about ALICE-What if a stranger comes in the back? The faculty and Staff know to go to the Evacuation location in a responsive way.
  2. President’s Report- No report
  3. Vice President’s Report- Although we were hoping for 20 pints of blood, the Blood Drive brought in 17 units. January is typically our lowest. Engage 204 meeting Monday evening at Still Middle School. We are looking for Committee Chairs if anyone is interested. Additionally, all of the Executive Board needs to be replaced this year
  4. Treasurer’s Report- Budget is current. W.E.GiveBack raised more money with additional company matching checks. However, Box Tops and Restaurant Nights are not trending to generate the income that was budgeted. Need to conservatively consider that with any spend.
  5. Line Item Vote- Agenda had typo, it is not and additional line item, but rather increasing the budget on Field Day to include t-shirts for all the students. Shirts will have sponsors on the back. We want to be sure to thank our corporate and community sponsors. Approved Naomi 1st motion & Jasmine 2nd motion.
  6. Secretary/Committee Chair Request:  WE want to thanks Sony Kataria for all of the incredible work she has already done for the PTA Executive Board. She has at this time decided that she does not want to commit to being the Secretary of the PTA. We tried to take candidates from the floor; however, there were no offers. We will table the vote until next month and continue to look for candidates. All of the Executive Board needs to be replaced this year and we are looking for Committee Chairs.
  7. Committee Reports:
  8. IPPC- Engage 204 meeting Monday evening at Still Middle School
  9. PDAC- Event info was handed out, flyers coming in backpack mail, This is a District event not a PTA event.


  1. Questions from the floor: Sony provided a presentation regarding after school activities. She distributed an online survey which brought in immediate results of approximately 50 people. All respondents indicated interest in after school activities. Mr. K said 5 out of 22 schools in the district have after school activities and the consistency wasn’t there and that there were students that were “lost” last year. Bottom line is the burden falls on the staff. Shelley West “I’m supporting Sony”. The 50 people would be willing to have discussions to make a successful program. What things did the Run Club do that worked so we can collectively get buy in by parents in order to introduce opportunities. Solid group of parents to show up at 3:15 to help with the burden. Sony- we can bring on more resources if directed by staff and they get stipends. Can the PTA Sponsor programing?  Poornima- We have money in the budget and can sponsor programs. Joni- we know we have $800 at this point that can be directed to the programming. Run Club will restart and we can discuss expanding it. Can discuss expanding current programs to include more grade levels. Kelly Talaga- We do a lot already and let’s highlight all the events we currently have. Running after school buses and kids after school is stressful. Maybe offer programs before school?


  1. Announcements-
** Next PTA Meeting is February 22nd,


Meeting Adjourned- 7:12PM Thank you to all who attended. On to our guest speaker, Ivette Dubiel!