White Eagle PTA Meeting MInutes 2/22/18

  1.          Call to Order- Brenda @ 9:17 am
  2.         Approve January 25th Meeting Minutes- approved Julie Mansfield 1st motion & Sony Kataria 2nd motion.

III.    Reports

  1. Principal’s Report-  ALICE training/planning continuing.  Discussions surround use of texts for communication rather than relying solely on the intercom.  Reunification site determined (private until day of). Gearing up for field day. Parent teacher conferences coming up and can be requested by parents if not already requested by teachers.  PARCC testing window is March 5 through April 20. March 2nd is an institute day, teachers will be attending professional development at Nequa Valley High School.
  2. President’s Report- District Summer Activities Fair March 22nd at Still middle school.  District 204 is working on getting an app for realtime info for the buses. It will be secured with a username and password and will have the highest level of security available. Parents will only be able to see the bus route of their children not other families.Engage 204 meeting Feb 26, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at Still Middle School, topic: state of our facilities.Elementary school level robotics tournament at Still Middle School on February 24th at 9:00.
  3. Vice President’s Report- SkyZone fundraiser tonight 4-8.  25% of proceeds go to the PTA if 50 kids attend.  PTA registration packet will be provided for inclusion in the school registration packet to be distributed in April.  Planning in progress for Teacher Appreciation Day, week of activities being nailed down. Suggestions from the group on vendors to approach for donations.
  4. Treasurer’s Report- Budget is current.  Budgeted income still suggests we are not on target to meet projections, due to shortfalls in restaurant night proceeds and box top receipts.  Poornima cautioned that this shortfall must be considered against the better than budgeted WE Give Back campaign income. Discussion around increasing marketing of remaining restaurant nights, through use of facebook.  Sony will investigate possibly creating facebook events to that end. Suggestion was made to request head room parents communicate to their classrooms to remind them of restaurant nights. STEM and PDAC still have monies they have not spent.  Will communicate with chairs to see if they plan to submit expenses or if the monies will not be used this year. Sony also suggested the pta communicate with teachers who have unspent funds to ascertain whether or not they will be spending their monies.  If not, could these monies could be reallocated to help with purchase and install of swing requested by special needs teacher? Julie Mansfield expressed concerns about the apparel budget for the coming year, and that meeting the same income may be challenging given the PTA will be providing t-shirts to all the kids this spring.   Apparel chair should be made aware of this possibility. Make adjustment in budget? Institute spirit day incentives to encourage additional interest in spirit wear?
  5.    Nominating Committee Elections – required for executive committee elections: 3 members from the current executive committee & 2 from the membership + 1 alternative.  The purpose of the committee is to identify and nominate candidates. All present agreed to participate in the nominating committee (Brenda Boland, Dorothy Sisnett, Poornima Krishnan, Julie Mansfield, Talibah Bey-Pagonia, and Sony Kataria).  Discussed benefits of teacher sitting on the executive committee. Mr. Krahenbuhl indicated that in place of that a teacher would be identified as a liason to the PTA, and would be in attendance at PTA meetings.  Mr. Krahenbuhl shared that there was a lot of interest in the Treasurer’s position, Poornima is meeting with one of the parents to go through the specifics of the position. Sony suggested making a video to post on facebook, with PTA Executive Committee outlining responsibilities and time commitments for each of the positions. Offered to assist.  


  1. Announcements-
** Next PTA Meeting is April 5th and has been moved to 6:30 pm at the request of some of the membership.

Meeting Adjourned- 10:15 AM Thank you to all who attended.