The Science Fair is where students present their science project results in the form of a report, on a trifold and models that students have created. The goal of the White Eagle Science Fair is for students to have fun with science. Students need opportunities to experience science for themselves by asking questions and discovering answers. Everyone can do science, and a science project is the best hands-on way of enjoying and learning about science. All grades are welcome to participate (K – 5th Grade)

The format of the science fair at White Eagle is non-competitive. Each participant will receive a certificate of commendation at the end of the fair.

It is so important to motivate students with science; they can share their projects, ideas with their friends, parents, and people who visit the fair. It also contributes to the social development of students.

Science Fair at While Eagle Elementary takes place during the first week of April. Orientation happens the first week of March and there will be a presentation by one of the local science labs.

Trifolds can be bought during orientation day. Each trifold costs $3.50




In the fast-moving and technical world, students are no more interested in listening to the boring lectures and cramming facts. The minds of students work faster than jet planes. The curiosity level and enthusiasm to learn and dissect any knowledge are commendable. Science exhibition is a wonderful tool that engages students in learning new facts and inventions with a zeal of interest.


Science Fair is a platform for the students to work together in groups. This gives the opportunity to the students to develop social and moral skills. Students apart from the scientific knowledge learn to respect each other’s views and thoughts, sharing experiences, cooperating with each other, managerial skills, skills of leadership, helping, and caring about the feelings of fellow members. When the presentation is ready, the science fair students will learn public speaking skills which helps the students remove the fear of speaking in public. They present their model and explain its uses and functions. This kind of science exhibition boosts the confidence of the students and develops their interest and curiosity even further.


Science always reveals a new truth, a new discovery, and an unknown reality. As the necessities change so do the inventions and development. It keeps growing and can never be dull and boring. Science Fair explores the creative talent of the students and forces them to think outside of the box. Science exhibitions at school develop a scientific spirit and curiosity in a student which in turn forces them to think and creatively find solutions to the challenges. Students enjoy learning through such exhibition and feel a sense of belonging as they make the models with their own hands.


Problems and challenges of life make people nervous and full of fear but science has a solution to every problem and challenge. By taking part in such Science Fair at school, a student develops a scientific attitude towards his problems and challenges in life. The student develops an inquisitive nature and learns to ask questions. The student does not feel scared and fearful of any challenge in life and will in turn treat it with patience, knowledge and learning from these science exhibitions at school.


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Science Fairs held in schools prove to be a great platform for such students and for the presentation of their talent. The students speak about their projects in front of everyone and develop public speaking skills. It boosts the confidence of the students and outshines their personality. It removes their fear and provides a practical platform to learn by doing and experiencing their fears.


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