Once again, White Eagle School is participating in the Giving Tree program sponsored by Aurora-area charities. Each year they provide over 1,500 gifts to needy children in the area. White Eagle families alone generously supply over 300 gifts.

As with everything, this year’s Giving Tree will look a little different then in year’s past. We will be doing a virtual Giving Tree. Children will still be able to select the tags that they would like to shop for. Please click HERE  to get to our Giving Tree page. Then you will need to create an account to pick a tag.

Tag Selection Instructions

Once on the page you can click one of the angels on the tree or you can use the drop down arrows on the left to select the gender and age of the child you would like to purchase for.  Click show selected and your tree will be filled with the search criteria you are looking for.  When you are happy with the tag you will click add to wish list.  At this point you can select additional angels or click reserve angels when you are done.  When you have all of your tags please be sure to click to email the tags to you so that you have the tags to attach to the gifts.

Purchasing Instructions

Please purchase only one clothing item (or outfit) and one toy for your Giving Tree child.  We want to ensure that all of the children receive relatively the same number of gifts.  If you would like to purchase additional gifts, please feel free to do so.  However, the extra gifts will go to the Salvation Army to distribute to children who did not receive clothing or a toy.  If an item listed cannot be found or is unclear, buy and age appropriate gift or please contact Angela Greco at (630) 747-7078 or angelagreco1@gmail.com.

Packaging Instructions

Please DO NOT WRAP your gifts.  If you want to donate wrapping paper, ribbon, tags and/or tape, the parents would greatly appreciate it!  If you choose to send wrap, please do not send rolls of wrapping paper as they are difficult to sort and store; please send folded sheets of wrapping paper.


Here are the packaging instructions (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY):

  1. MAKE SURE THAT EACH OF YOUR GIFTS IS IN A BOX, ESPECIALLY CLOTHING.  If the gift is already in a box (i.e., a toy or game), you do not need to put it in another box. Please provide a separate box of each gift.
  1. BE SURE THE CODE OF YOUR TAG IS ON EVERY BOX YOU SEND.  Attach the tag to the outside of the box.  This tag includes the CODE NUMBER that the Salvation Army uses to identify the family and child.  Be sure to TAPE the tag very securely to the box.  If there is more than one box, please put a copy of the tag or write the code on a separate piece of paper and tape it to every gift.
  1. If you decide to send additional gifts for the Salvation Army to distribute to other children besides your choose child, please do not include a code number; instead, mark the box as “EXTRA GIFT.”
  1. If possible, place your gifts in a shopping bag (paper bags work better then plastic.)  Securely tape another sheet of paper with the CODE NUMBER to the outside of the bag.

Returning Gifts to School

Send gifts to White Eagle School on Wednesday, December 2nd from 4:00-6:00.  Gifts can be dropped at the gym door, door 4.  If you cannot make that time please contact Angela Greco for an alternate drop off time, angelagreco1@gmail.com.  There will be volunteers to take gifts out of your trunks so you won’t even need to get out of the car.

Thank you so much for your generosity during this season, this is a very unique season as COVID-19 has affected so many families.  This is a wonderful way to help bring some happiness to many children in our local communities!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Angela Greco angelagreco1@gmail.com.