Sign up for STEM!

Sign up for STEM!

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) for White Eagle starts in less than 2 weeks. Here is more information about the program:


  1. a) You can volunteer to do simple tasks in class – for example, you may drop a pre-made parachute with different weights attached to the basket and have your kids discuss how that went. You may balance a cardboard box with magnets on another magnet as part of a story that is read in class. In many fun ways, you interact with your kids and follow simple instructions – here is an example –


  1. b) What do you need to do? Inspiring your kids in STEM subjects will prepare them for their future. All you need to do is sign up to volunteer. We are only at 50% capacity and need you to make it happen. Please click here to sign up –


  1. c) What are the key dates –

5th grade – 1/17 – 1/25

4th grade – 1/23 – 2/2

3rd grade – 2/6 – 2/20

2nd grade – 2/26 – 3/8

1st grade – 3/12 – 3/22


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