STEM Resources

White Eagle Elementary School PTA

1585 White Eagle Drive, Naperville IL 60564 : 630.375.3600



STEM is a PTA-sponsored program to encourage your kids to pursue careers in Science-Technology-Engineering-Math (as in STEM). The program involves three parts:
a) A story book that the teacher reads in class to your kids - there is no parent participation in this step
b) A Session 1 where a parent discusses who a scientist is (a problem solver) using a pre-created presentation that you repeat with your touch
c) A Session 2 where a parent discusses a simple experiment that the kids will perform to learn how to problem solve. Groups of 4-5 kids will then perform the experiment led by parents.
Here is a link to signing up for STEM for the 2017-18 school year White Eagle STEM 2016-2017
Here are links to sample videos and content. As you sign up, you will see video links in there as well for each grade.