White Eagle Elementary School PTA

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PTA Committees 2017-2018


PTA Committee Chair Roster 

Committee Chairs

5th Grade Party Mamata Alwarshety, Kelly Miller  
Apparel Tara Dham  
Art Awareness  Tara Dham, Carla Bauch  
Blood Drive  Brenda Boland  
Box Tops/Labels for Education  Jessica Madasz-Caruso  
Carnival   Tara Dham, Julie Masfield  
Classroom Parties   Kristina Pelligrini  
Classroom Party Snacks  Carolyn Pickering


Classroom VolunteerCoordinator  Dorothy Sisnett / Brenda Boland  
Communications/Web  Tara Dham  
Community Service   Nita Buffomante, Talibah Bey  
Directory App   Charles Becks  
Helping Hand  Vicki Bingham  
Hospitality  Julie Mansfield  
Ice Cream Social  Louise Porter, Julie Mansfield  
IPPC Rep. Chinmayi Desai  
Legislative Rep.(Sec.)  Marcy Wilkinson  
LMC Help  Louis Porter  
Mascot Contact  Julie Mansfield  
Outdoor Sign Tara Dham  
Reflections Mamata Alwarshetty  
Restaurant Nights Georgia Blathras   
School Supply Kits Tracy Myers  
Parent Diversity  Shelley West  
Science Fair Mamata Alwarshetty  
Giving Tree Naomi Callahan, Louise Porter  
Special Needs PTA Rep Joni Becks  
STEM Enrichment  Badri Narasimhan, Rina Thakkar  
Webmaster Charles Becks  
Weekly Prowl Rezina Alam  
W.E. Give Back Naomi Callahan  
Yearbook Kristina Pelligrini  

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