Science Fair

Why a Science Fair?

The goal of the White Eagle Science Fair is for students to have fun with science. Students need opportunities to experience science for themselves by asking questions and discovering answers. Everyone can do science, and a science project is the best hands-on way of enjoying and learning about science. All grades are welcome to participate. A student’s interest is actually greatest during the elementary years, so take advantage of this time with your children.

For students to learn problem solving, the best practice called The Scientific Method is used (see page 7).

What is required to participate?

1. Registration: Please register by submitting the registration form ( by the deadline.
Individual projects are encouraged, however, teams of a maximum of four can work on a project. Please mention the names of your partner on the registration form. Please consider turning in your form early.
2. Choose a topic: If your child/children are interested in doing a project, help them choose an appropriate topic. Simple, well-researched question with a nice display is a key to a good project. Parental help is needed for direction and encouragement. However, learning in the child will be enhanced if he/she participates fully in the project.
3. Display the project: Please present your project on a display board with relevant information. We,
however, encourage student participants to include the elements of the scientific method (please see page 7).

There are many resources available. Please use a resource that you are comfortable with, for example:
● Websites
● School library or public library, or
● It can be any question or topic related to day to day life.

The format of the science fair at White Eagle is non-competitive. Each participant will receive a certificate of commendation at the end of the fair.

We would like to once again thank White Eagle administration, staff and the PTA for their continued support of our Science Fair!

For further questions you may contact the Science Fair Committee at