Write A Check

White Eagle Elementary School PTA

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“Write-A-Check” Fundraiser

Fundraising is the only source of income for the PTA, which in turn helps to build, foster and support educational enrichment programs in our school that district funds do not support.  So in lieu of the multiple fundraising events we have held in the past, we are giving families the opportunity to simply “Write-A-Check” as a 100% tax-deductible* donation.  


Our goal is to raise $20,000 with this fundraiser. The best part about the “Write-A-Check” Fundraiser is that 100% of your donation contribution goes directly to our students and school!  Yes, 100% unlike past fundraisers where we received only 75-50% of the funds.


LMC Books and Supplies ~ LMC Technology and Equipment ~ Science Fair ~ STEM Enrichment

Assembly Programs ~ Classroom Periodicals ~ Science Club ~ Art Awareness ~ Reflections

Building Improvements such as LMC Projector and Murals  ~ Community Service ~ Fifth Grade Field Trip ~ Ice Cream Social ~ Red Ribbon Week ~ Room Parties ~ Teacher Appreciation

Please DONATE Today!



These programs will disappear if we do not meet our budgeted funds!

We ask that you “Write-A-Check” in the amount your family can contribute.  Think about all the fundraisers you support throughout the year and give that money now to help us maintain the high standard of education enrichment opportunities our children enjoy at White Eagle Elementary.

Thank you in advance for your generous support.  We are all in this together!