Art Awareness! Sign up today!

Art Awareness! Sign up today!

Art Awareness is a PTA program that puts parents into the classroom to
talk about the cultural importance of art. Art Awareness introduces our
children to art concepts, impactful artists, and their artwork
throughout history. The program invites parents to present a 30 minute session once a month, January through May. The presentations are available online in Google Slide formats that are easily accessed and run on the smartboards. Additionally, paper packets are also in the PTA closet, or you can create your own lessons. Each lesson ends with a short fun project that reinforces the concepts taught. This is a great way to get into the classroom and be a part of your child’s learning process. You do not need a background in art to participate. Art awareness is a fun and enriching activity for the students, and they love having parents in the classroom!

Please note, if there is no parent volunteer there i s no art awareness presentation for the class that month. We hope to get one parent each month for each class. (Please be sure to click on “Hide Past Spots” to check if January is still available.)

Please visit to sign up for your child’s class!


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